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Scansleep - Sleep Medicine Clinic

Scansleep is Denmark's leading sleep medicine clinic with offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Aalborg. Our staff is among the foremost in their respective field of expertise - and through a strong Nordic network, we cooperate wirh Scandinavia's leading experts in the field of sleep medicine.

Scansleep is authorized to perform examinations (cardio-respiratory monitorering, PolySomnoGrafi, PSG, and Multiple Sleep Latency Test, MSLT) and treatments of sleep disorders, classified as regional executives or highly specialized functions, by the National Board of Health.

It is our aim to help people with sleep problems, sleep disorders, sleepiness, insomnia and circadian rhythm disorders by offering advice, examination, diagnosis and treatment.

Scansleep aims to disseminate knowledge of sleep, sleep physiology, and how the usual sleep affects the health and quality of life. We place great emphasis on honesty, respect and being openminded.


We do clinical trials for developers of sleep medication. 

You will find ScanSleep Clinical trials on three sites in Denmark – one in Copenhagen, one in Århus and one in Kolding. 

Our staff is certified and trained in as well GCP as in handling of the various procedures that come with a clinical trial.

Ongoing trials